"Saha Bags are so beautiful that they go unnoticed as pet bags. All of them are made with all our love but, first of all, they are comfortable for our pet. Saha means high quality bags, hand-made in Spain.
Behind the brand, a woman, María José ALCALÁ, she knows what our pet needs and what we like."

Source: https://asmmgz.es/blog/bolsos-moda-mascotas/




SAHA combines craftwork and design for transporting our pets. SAHA proposes a collection of leather bags inspired by the latest fashion trends for you.

For travelling without missing them, so that they can come along with you without breaking your style... SAHA joins design, quality and an exquisite taste for detail.

We introduce you to our top quality leather designs in the size that best suits your pet and their finish will allow you to be with him at any time and anywhere with the special touch of distinction SAHA.


Its materials of the highest quality in all its parts, make it very easy to maintain our bag. Still, I advise you to adopt a series of precautions:

1.- When you do not use it:

Store it inside its protective bag in which you received it, filling it with any paper or cloth that helps it maintain its shape and in a dry place, far from moisture (we will talk about this later) that could spoil the item.

2.- Avoid humidity:

To avoid humidity and the creation of mildew, sometimes difficult to avoid, there are absorbent products you can easily find in the market, as well as for the protection of the piece you can use sprays or creams.

3.- Accident with water:

If there has been a small incident and it has gotten wet, remember that it is skin. Do not dry it artificially with a dryer or similar. Let it dry naturally without exposing it directly to the sun, as it could damage the color.

4.- Avoid chafing with cosmetics:

Pay attention when you put on perfume, some cream or oil. You should wait until it dries to get in touch with your bag. Any of these products could definitively damage our Saha.

If you follow these tips, you can be sure that you will keep your bag for a long time.